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Over 21 miles of the seven canyon creeks of Utah’s Wasatch Range are buried in underground culverts. Additionally, 143 miles of these aboveground waterways are impaired under the Clean Water Act’s 303(d) List of Impaired Waters. The Seven Creeks | Walk Series, a partnership between ArtsBridge America, Center for the Living City, Jordan River Commission, and Seven Canyons Trust, engages local residents in walking conversations and collaborative action along buried and impaired creek reaches. This program targets underserved communities, who face challenges related to creek burial and channelization, loss of green space, and environmental justice. Participants observe and share stories, insights, and visions to explore ways to better manage and restore their hydrology. If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below. To schedule an event, you must have a group of at least ten participants. If you do not have a group of ten, check the Events page for upcoming opportunities.



  Participants chalk fish in the channel of an urban intervention representing Red Butte, Emigration, and Parley's Creek.

Participants chalk fish in the channel of an urban intervention representing Red Butte, Emigration, and Parley's Creek.

The geographic stratification of income in the Salt Lake valley to the upper east-side has concentrated crime and drug-use in diverse, low-income neighborhoods on the west-side. The tributaries slip underground as they flow west, passing unseen through west-side neighborhoods until spilling into the Jordan River. Loss of green space and water quality impairments, due to creek burial, have left many residents without access to nature or connectivity via riparian corridors and pathways.



  A Westminster student peeks into the culvert containing Emigration Creek.

A Westminster student peeks into the culvert containing Emigration Creek.

The Seven Creeks | Walk Series advocates for a more democratic community engagement process that gives underserved populations a voice in addressing environmental justice concerns, such as water quality impairments, degrading public health, economic vulnerabilities, and quality of life. In 2016, the program engaged over 200 people to highlight almost seven miles of buried and impaired waterway. Through a series of urban intervention – short-term low-cost projects to catalyze long-term change – participants make the invisible visible. They’ve created about 900 feet of short-term visual representation of the underground creeks to draw attention to the buried waters and foster community support for daylighting.

Seven Creeks | Walk Series - Registration

1. I, and/or my dependent, agree to perform the activity duties as specified on the attached job description, to the best of my ability and in a professional manner. 

2. While performing this activity work assignment, I understand that the Seven Canyons Trust does not assume any responsibility for, including but not limited to, medical, health, or disability benefits or insurance of any nature in the event of injury, illness, or death, or damage to my property. I expressly waive any such claim for compensation or liability. 

3. I understand that I, and/or my dependent, shall be subject to Seven Canyons Trust policies on safety and security; sexual harassment; drug and alcohol abuse; non­discrimination and equal opportunity, etc., as well as policies on confidentiality of records, intellectual property, conflict of interest, etc.

4. I understand that I, and/or my dependent, shall not be reimbursed for the work assignment, unless otherwise previously stated by the Seven Canyons Trust.

5. I understand I, and/or my dependent, am under no obligation to provide any services that are personally deemed too burdensome and are free to discontinue your participation in the activities at any time.

6. I understand pictures of myself and/or my dependent may be taken and shared by the Seven Canyons Trust, unless asked otherwise.

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