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Friend of the Relay

Want to support the continued hosting of the Range 2 River Relay for years to come? Purchase a Friend Sponsorship, and lock down your team’s registration for 2017!

With the purchase of a Friend Sponsorship, you will receive a free team registration, three free event tees, your name recognized under the Friend category on our website, and more! One hundred percent of the proceeds will be invested back into the Relay, so you can compete year after year.

Range 2 River Relay - Friend Sponsorship

- $250.00 -


About the event

An active transportation team relay to explore the conditions of the Salt Lake valley’s waterways, from pristine headwaters to buried creeks and channelized canal to meandering river.

Teams will consist of a biker, boater, and runner. Participants will race from the Wasatch Mountains to the Jordan River – range to river. The first teammate will follow City Creek via bikes donated by GREENbike, continuing as the creek gets buried underground. This leg will end at the creek’s confluence with the Jordan River, the historic Utah State Fairpark property. The second teammate will boat the Jordan River northward with canoes donated by Splore. Participants will follow the river as it transforms from a channelized canal to a meandering, healthy river. The Jordan River Trail will be utilized for the final stretch of the race. The final teammate will run past native riparian vegetation, as well as invasive invaders. Click here to view the course.

Come learn about local causes and enjoy eats and drinks at the Finish Line Celebration. Spectators can watch as participants finish the bike leg, start the boat leg, or come into the finish line on the running leg. Competitors can cheer on their teammates as they finish the race. Make sure to stay for the crowning of this years’ Range 2 River Relay champions!




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