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Reimagine SLC! #GivingTuesday

Reimagine Salt Lake City’s water future! #GivingTuesday

By Brian Tonetti

Close your eyes. Are they closed? Well, open them again because you probably can’t read this.

Imagine with me for a second. Let’s turn the clock forward a century; daylight savings on steroids. It’s a blistering summer day in July. The temperature reads 101 degrees F, the coolest day this week. Rain is in the forecast. The humidity has risen slightly. News of flash flooding, in the remnants of the once sprawling metropolitan areas of Arizona, has arrived.

However, here in the Salt Lake Valley, you decide to take your family on a quick nature jaunt, to replenish your Vitamin “N.” Why? Because a community of forward-looking residents built an innovative, resilient system of water conveyance in the Salt Lake Valley. Seven green veins flow all the way from the Wasatch Mountains, through the Valley’s cities, and into the Jordan River.


These natural creeks slow down floods, allowing the water to infiltrate into the ground, rather than shunting downstream. Pathways, adjacent to the creeks, provide opportunities for your family to walk, bike, and recreate right outside your backdoor. With a diminished snowpack in the mountains, you have turned to natural areas in the Valley for your daily dose of Nature. In an age of climate uncertainty, these waterways have become the lifeblood and protectors of this oasis on the desert’s edge.

Back to 2017. As we celebrate what we are thankful for during this holiday season, please allow me to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your work in support of our waterways. With your support, we have:

  • Secured $1.2 million to daylight 200 feet of where Red Butte, Emigration, and Parley’s Creeks enter the Jordan River at the Three Creeks Confluence, slated for construction in Fall 2018;
  • Installed 21 temporary wayfinding signs and 11 pavement markings along the Folsom Corridor, and engage over 1,000 residents in the project’s design visioning;
  • Led 1,145 volunteers along 93,200 feet of creek to remove 3,460 pounds of trash and invasive weeds; And so much more!

We need your help now more than ever during #GivingTuesday. The time is now to heal and repair our Valley's hydrology. With a tax-deductible donation to the Seven Canyons Trust, we can realize our 100-year vision to address water quality impairments, economic vulnerabilities, and quality of life.


Will you give $25, or even $50, right now? It’s going to take all of us to uncover and restore our buried and impaired waterways for future generations!

However, your participation is more important than the amount you’re able to contribute during #GivingTuesday. No matter what amount you pledge, would you be willing to share this Facebook post or tweet about our campaign? One share on social media can mean up to $25 extra to our $5,000 goal.

For a better water future, onward!