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Summer at Pinecrest

Summer at Pinecrest in Emigration Canyon

By National Real Estate and Investment Company

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”
- John Muir

Pinecrest was formerly called "The Groves"

Every man, every woman, every child needs a change of environment at least once a year. In Utah, the most desirable time for such a change is Summer. It's the relaxation period between the more stringent labor seasons. At least it is so among hundreds, more especially those who work indoors. Just at this season we all feel more or less “run down,” and work becomes a burden rather than a pleasure.


We all Need A Vacation

But, how and where to take it is a bother to many. Those who have no need to figure the expense are puzzled about “where,” while those who have to “count their pennies first” are confronted with “how.” All agree that they must go somewhere. With many business people it's not only a question of “what does it cost?” but “how can I get away from my business?” These are the very ones who most need the change those who are closely tied to their work all the year.


Take the Whole Family Away

Father is not the only one who needs the vacation; the pleasure is not for brother or sister alone. Mother needs the change; and so do the children. The whole family should go somewhere - away from the heat, dust and smoke of the crowded city.


To Pinecrest

To the query “where,” we answer “Pinecrest in Emigration Canyon.” When you ask “how,” we reply: “Build a summer home at Pinecrest.”


One Hour's Ride to Pinecrest

Pinecrest is located at the head of Emigration Canyon, in the mountains directly east of Salt Lake City. It is reached by electric car - one hour's ride. The ride is one of the most picturesque imaginable! Starting from the main street of the city, the car travels the city tracks to Mt. Olivet, just below Fort Douglas, the U.S. military reservation. From here it darts right into the mountain recess and is soon making its climb of the beautiful canyon.


Beautiful Scenery - Magnificent View

Up, up, up it goes in zigzag fashion, following the foaming brook of crystal waters; through open glades, carpeted with beautiful wild flowers of every tint and hue; along the edge of the craggy precipice; up above the timber belt, 3000 feet higher than the city - finally reaching the summit of Point Lookout, and unfolding to your view a panorama worthy of the artist's pencil or the painter's brush.

Here you look down on the "City of the Saints," trace the circuitous Jordan River in its course from one end of the valley to the other, and drink in the glories of a many-hued sky as the sun sinks beyond the shimmering waters of the Great Salt Lake.


Will Make You Live Longer

Such a view is a daily joy to the residents of Pinecrest, for Point Lookout is but a short walk from the cottages. Here one breathes the purest of mountain, pine-laden air, intensely invigorating, and yet conducive to natural sleep and perfect rest. Every hour spent amid these surroundings lengthens life a day, and every week adds a year to mortal existence.


Perfect Recuperation

This is the place to take the family for the summer. Take them up early - say about the middle of June.  Dress the children so that they may play without restraint. Give them simple foods. Let them get close to Nature and partake of her life-giving energies. Here mother will sleep well - pick up some of the nights she lost during the long winter; the children will grow strong and robust. If father cannot get away from business to spend whole days in the canyon, he can leave the burning hot city every night by car, and within one hour be with his family in the mountains, there enjoy a perfect night's rest and go to his work early each morning thoroughly recuperated - feeling like a “new man.”


Ideal for “Week-End” Trips

It would be impossible to imagine a more beautiful spot for a “week-end” trip, with family and friends. The very best of hotel accommodations will be afforded at “Pinecrest Inn” for all pleasure parties. Rates will be reasonable. Guides will always be on hand to take visitors to the various points of interest in the canyon.


Good Automobile Roads

For the man with an automobile, there is a good road all the way to Pinecrest. This road was built in 1912, and will be much improved this year (1913). It's an easy grade and perfectly safe. When the work contemplated to be put on this road is finished, it will be one of the finest canyon boulevards in the State.



Arrangements can be made with the Emigration Canyon Railway for hauling building materials, tents and supplies of all kinds to Pinecrest. Seven trips each way daily are made regularly, while for Sundays and holidays the service is considerably increased. The commutation passenger fare at present from Salt Lake to Pinecrest is 24 cents. Express and freight rates are reasonable.

A good automobile road all the way for those who have machines; perfectly safe.


Spring Water System

Each lot in Pinecrest is supplied with the purest of water - piped direct from mountain springs. This system is already installed and in operation, thus insuring an ample supply of the best water, fully protected and free from pollution.


Sanitary Surroundings

The National Real Estate & Investment Company will establish a complete system of sanitation at Pinecrest, whereby all garbage and refuse will be gathered and burned in a rock dry kiln. Every effort will be made to increase the desirability of the place for Summer homes.


Pinecrest Inn a First Class Hotel

Yielding to a popular demand, the owners of Pinecrest will build a $40,000 hotel, "Pinecrest Inn," on their property this Spring, and have it ready for opening as soon as the real warm weather arrives.

Hundreds of people visit Pinecrest on Sundays and holidays during the Summer season, and many would like to remain in the canyon over night, but heretofore there has been no accommodation for them. Then there are hundreds of tourists and thousands of people in Salt Lake who would like to spend only a few days in the canyon. Beautiful "Pinecrest Inn" will take care of all visitors and cottagers in the very best style.


Modern Conveniences - Magnificent View

This hotel will be as modern as its surroundings will permit it to be. It will be equipped with ample accommodations and conveniences - all looking toward the comfort and pleasure of guests. As indicated by picture in center of this booklet, the architecture is planned after a Swiss chalet - beautiful and artistic in every appointment, both inside and outside. Pinecrest Inn will be handsomely furnished. It will have 50 rooms and baths, spacious living room, large dining and ball room, 100-foot porch; all electric lighted. The view from Pinecrest Inn will be magnificent - unfolding a scene of grandeur and enchantment to all lovers of nature. The grounds about the “Inn” will be charming – picturesque – romantic - just as pretty as the most skilled landscape gardener can make them.


Sunday Dinners and Special Luncheons

Sunday dinners will be made a special feature, with a good orchestra in attendance. Ladies may arrange for special luncheons and dinners at Pinecrest Inn by calling the city office, fifteenth floor Walker Bank building. Wasatch 4153.

A cottage for privacy and quietness, with meals at Pinecrest Inn, will be the ideal arrangement. This will relieve the women folk of most of the household cares, and give them the complete rest they so richly deserve.


Children's Play Grounds

Amusement concessions and play grounds for children will be provided. Everything will be done to make Pinecrest attractive to pleasure seekers, and inviting to all who want a nice quiet day away from the city, and among Nature's beauty spots. The strictest discipline will be enforced, with a view to conducting and maintaining a high class mountain resort. The commodious ball room will furnish ample facilities for entertainments which may be arranged by hotel guests or cottagers.


“Pinecrest” Has a Good Start

Already thirty homes have been built at Pinecrest, ranging in cost from $250 to $6,000. Many who lived in tents during the Summer of 1912 are now planning homes for this season. Present indications point to a very active year in building at this popular mountain retreat. Sketches of two proposed homes are shown in this booklet. Plans for several others are being drawn.



Size of Lots, Prices and Terms

No lot has less than a 50-foot frontage - some are larger. They range in price, according to location and amount of shade, from $150 up. Terms will be made to suit the convenience of purchasers. A liberal discount will be allowed where all cash is paid at time of purchase.


Company Offers Every Assistance

If you do not care to make your own arrangements for the building of your Summer home at Pinecrest, the National Real Estate & Investment Company will prepare plans and specifications for you, and take the contract to prosecute the work to your entire satisfaction. Just name the price you would like to pay for a home, and the company will submit plans in accordance therewith.


Free Transportation to Intending Purchasers

We furnish free transportation to and from Pinecrest to all prospective investors. It will be our pleasure to make an appointment with you any time; either call at our offices, write or phone us.


National Real Estate & Investment Co.

15th Floor Walker Bank Building

Salt Lake City, Utah


The Joyous Way

“Would you be just a child, a care free child!
Then choose the brave brown brooklet's way -
Through fields, sun-kissed, 'neath willows bending low,
And where the rushes ever-whispering sway.
Sometimes it sings, oh join its music, too,
It tells of meadow secrets, Summer skies,
The flights of birds, when day is sweet and new,
The booming honey-bees, and butterflies.
It dreams in shady nooks, then hurries on,
Far from the busy town, its turmoil wild,
Ah, follow, follow on the gay brook's way,
To feel a child again, a care free child.”
- Alix Thorn