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Three Creeks Confluence

The Three Creeks Confluence is the underground convergence of three urban creeks – Red Butte, Emigration, and Parley's Creeks – and the Jordan River. This project began as the first phase and centerpiece of the award-winning visioning document, 100 Years of Daylighting. The Seven Canyons Trust has successfully partnered with Salt Lake City and the Jordan River Commission to bring this project from a concept to a reality to uncover this 200-foot stretch of creek.


The Seven Canyons Trust, with support from Bockholt Landscape Architecture and the Franks Family Foundation, is crafting a community-based design vision to uncover 1,000 feet of Emigration Creek at Herman Franks Park. The restored creek channel seeks to activate the space between the baseball diamonds and surrounding roads. This restorative addition to the park will create a beautiful backdrop for the current uses at the park without disrupting them in any way.


The Mill Creek Confluence is an eight-acre open space situated at the convergence of Mill Creek and the Jordan River. The north-side, designated as a levee, is highly managed with chemicals. The south-side is invaded by invasive vegetation and lacks adaptive management. The Seven Canyons Trust is working to restore habitat value to these public lands, reimagine the site as a community amenity with interpretive wetlands, and create a regional trailhead for the Mill Creek and Jordan River Trails.

Folsom Trail - City Creek Daylighting

The Folsom Trail and daylighting of City Creek will create a direct, comfortable, and beautiful connection between underserved west-side neighborhoods to employment and services in Downtown Salt Lake City. Communities, separated by railroad tracks, two freeways, and a redeveloping industrial area, will be linked once again. By uncovering City Creek, the health of the community will be improved, alleviating water quality impairments and improving access to nature.


The Seven Creeks | Walk Series engages participants in walking conversations and collaborative action at pinpoint sites throughout the Salt Lake valley. Participants observe and share stories, insights, and visions to explore ways to better manage, restore, and love their hydrology, engaging in actions for the future health of their neighborhoods. This is a partnership between the Seven Canyons Trust, the Center for the Living City, ArtsBridge America, and the Jordan River Commission.


The Seven Canyons Trust is working to reimagine Mill Creek as it flows through Fitts Park in South Salt Lake. This project seeks to transform Mill Creek from a deeply-entrenched hardened condition to a naturally-functioning, meandering creek to connect residents back to their hydrology. Fitts Park will become the first trailhead for the regional Mill Creek Trail to connect communities and ecosystems, along the length of Mill Creek, between the Wasatch Range and the Jordan River.




Parley's Creek runs underneath Monument Plaza in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The restored creek channel would break up the concrete of the plaza, provide habitat, and pay homage to the creek that sustained settlement of the area.


The Three Creeks Bike Lane – down 1300 South – would connect Liberty Park to the Three Creeks Confluence. Through blue paint and prompts, the project would visually represent the combined waters of Red Butte, Emigration, and Parley's Creeks.